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How Each Zodiac Sign Makes Friends

How Each Zodiac Sign Makes Friends

How Each Zodiac Sign Makes Friends

ARIES: As easily as they make new enemies

TAURUS: Needs someone they trust to vouch for your character first

GEMINI: Waits in line for the bathroom, ends up in a group text with the people who were standing behind them

CANCER: Envisions growing old together in adjacent rocking chairs

LEO: Overcompensates for shyness by complimenting you too much

VIRGO: When you both reach for the last kombucha on the shelf

LIBRA: Via the ex-lover-to-platonic-friend pipeline

SCORPIO: Assumes the worst intentions & starts reinforcing the walls to their fortress when you try to get to know them

SAGITTARIUS: Whenever their current friends take too long to text back

CAPRICORN: Reads every “How to Meet New People as an Adult” thinkpiece

AQUARIUS: Hates the pressure of being introduced to people, prefers organically crossing paths with interesting strangers

PISCES: Gravitates toward the quietest person in the room

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