How Current Education System Blurs Our Idea Of Ourselves

How Current Education System Blurs Our Idea Of Ourselves

“Taming our real selves to please somebody else’s

is nothing, but a way to disturb our souls.”

This, I would like all parents to read. Especially the ones who never knew how toxic it can be.

Confusing the art of ‘learning’ with ‘schooling’ is the worst you can do in the name of parenting . Expecting your child to act like what society considers as ‘normal’ can be lethal. Such expectations that force children into thinking that they are not ideal, or more profoundly, abnormal can work as a catalyst into making them feel unwanted. This can further lead to self-loathing that can damage their little minds, leaving bruises that will be hard to heal.

Education in itself is a vital system. What makes it cringeworthy though, is the way it is being executed.

If we think of the world as nothing, but a mere list of people it has had since its creation, the list can be divided into two categories.

 First, the category including people who struggle fitting-in. the kinds we call crazy, the kinds we refer to as loners, the ones who seem to be bothered by nothing, until it’s something that invades their peace of mind. 

Second, the category that includes people, who just like the ones in the first category, struggle fitting into the checklist of being normal but even though, try to reconstruct their basic nature by dismantling the way they function, only to realize that they never had any control on the things they’d been trying to change.

“The point is, that even though we are all made from the same fabric, no two of us were woven the same.”

If noticed with an open mind and two very open eyes, our Education System is more inclined towards turning students into robots, teaching them how to be money earning machines as soon as they get out of the cycle of cramming the ‘how to score 95+’ guide.  We don’t teach children to cultivate their intelligence through critical thought and doubt, rather, we teach them to memorize and accept the pre-established ideas, beliefs and discoveries without questioning anything, in order to make our society continue to run smoothly. It is almost like a class filled with amphibians, reptiles and mammals being taught by a bird about how to fly.

For most of the part, the thing that people supporting this system of education don’t realize is that we should be teaching children how to be more fully human; to learn and understand how their minds and bodies work, and later let each person find their own path to knowledge, rather than making them a part of forty-five young minds who wish to explore, but are forced into the process of giving up creativity, only to make room for reasons that led to battle of Plassey.

Long story short, target of this article is no school, but parents. If we continue to put children into this vicious cycle of unhealthy competition and race of getting to number one, I’m afraid that we’ll all turn into the toy being trapped in a 9-to-5 job, who works like an ass day and night, only to hate his life on every Monday morning.

And the only way to save your child, or recover him/ her from being a part of the hundreds who suffer self-loathing is by understanding them. Feel under how much pressure they are. Be empathetic, because they’re not just a responsibility, but, a part of you.

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