How attached you are to someone

You don't realize how attached you are to someone.

You don’t realize how attached you are to someone. Until you go about talking to them for a bit.

Its truly said – Absence makes us realize the value of something or someone more.

For me – I had always found a part of me missing within when someone just disappeared.
Attachment – The reason behind most of our problems,  and then the expectation coming out of it. Doesn’t need to be a romantic relationship, could be anyone – People we talk to on a regular basis. Have heard the more you are detached to people or things – the more your life is peaceful.
Agree to this – but has been – and is always with me, I get attached to everything! Wish I could overcome this.

5 thoughts on “How attached you are to someone”

  1. Attachment is human. Without attachment the human race would not exist. It is what thoughts people get attached to that causes the most problems. Some people get attached to thoughts of love whilst other people get attached to other thoughts.

  2. It is a sign from above that you ARE attached to someone. Make the best of it. It will always be there. But the time and thought you put into it is your choice. The way you choose to manifest and bring energy to it is within your hands to a certain point. In terms of THINGS….that is futile. Detach as much from *things*, bad habits, futile longings, toxic thoughts…… Always fruitful.

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