The Holy Grail, Indra and Mythology – Mind Talk

 February 04, 2016

So many times,I’ve understood something beautiful, that’s showed me myself, even heals some inner nudging or discomfort I carry around. Then to relax and treat myself in some way that knocks down what had been built out of effort, love and persistence.
But as time goes, it’s becoming much easier to let it all just pass, and continue on forward. You learn to love yourself, so you don’t wish to harm your body, mind and heart. You love damn it! You love!

So there you go, my take on mythology and the great stuff born and expressed from it, hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading!!

Here’s one last quote to think of, I can’t remember who said it though:

”Do you remember who you were before you were told who you should be?”

Written by Mikelis Dobrajs


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