Her Soul Was too Deep


Her Soul Was too Deep

Her soul was too deep to explore
by those who always swam
in the shallow end.
— A.J. Lawless

11 responses to “Her Soul Was too Deep”

  1. Roxanne Thomas Avatar

    Being real, & truly authentic is 1 of the deepest, rarest, & most beautiful things to find, let alone be.

  2. Marvin Herschfus Avatar

    Sounds like something Jacque Cousteau would have said.

  3. Kris Naughton Avatar

    Learning to swim to being able to swim. Amazing Journey. Deep end is best for me.

  4. Deepak Kumar Dewani Avatar

    Pragti Kapoor during our Pune trip to infy you told me that “there’ll be a lot of problems in my life and I’m going to be in trouble if I decided to be with you and I said he’ll yeah I’m all in without having a second thought”. I’m glad I did not have a second thought. I hope our friendship goes forever. ❤️

    1. Deepak Kumar Dewani Avatar

      Of course I do. You see I’m good at not forgetting things and you’re good otherwise. No no you didn’t offend me at all by saying that. In fact I never get offended by you (trust me when I say that)

    2. Pragti Kapoor Avatar

      That’s good to know

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