He May Love You

He may love you. He probably does.
He probably thinks about you all the time.
But that isn’t what matters.
What matters is what he’s doing about it,
and what he’s doing about it is nothing.
And if he’s doing nothing,
you most certainly shouldn’t do anything.
You need someone who goes out
of their way to make it obvious
that they want you in their life.

41 thoughts on “He May Love You”

  1. It’s about being a priority in someone’s life. If they care about you, they’ll let you know in how they treat you. If they don’t, you’re not a priority and you deserve better.

  2. Its not about just one person “proving” they love you ! Its about two people proving they love each other ! Too much of this on facebook, tit for tat, just makes everyone blind, “the blind leading the blind”. If someone has to go out of their way to impress you, that’ because you’ve made yourself distant. And where on earth does it say “HE” all the time (sexist beyond belief). It even says “he may (may?) Love you. He probably DOES ! But that isn’t what matters ???? The answer’s in the question. These post are designed to destroy any forgiveness that’s left in humanity. Very sad !

    1. You know 🙂 It’s a he in this quote bcs it’s mostly girls who dig in their feelings and feel this or that way and are willing to admit it, to share it or comment under such posts as here 😉 the thing is you read a lot of such quotes on daily basis. And one every few days it just hits the bulls eye. Just as it did for me. Commented on a situation I was some time ago and I cannot digest till now. You’re saying “If someone loves you, then that’s all that matters”. Not really. My case was he loved me, I knew it, but he didn’t do anything abt it. Love means for me I’ve chosen you among the others and all I want the most is to be with you. And it just didn’t mean the same for him, that’s all.

  3. Yup. It’s a perfect summary of someone i used to know. I would send it to him only that i don’t talk to him anymore… And the funniest thing is he hurt me so much yet he is acting like it was he who was hurt… Finest art of manipulation. Never again getting in that trap of his anymore.

    1. Not all the guys are brave knights, ready to go through fire each time they fall in love with a girl. Some of them might have the broken heart from a past relationship, or self esteem problems because of some bad experiences from the past, or God knows what inner issues due family problems or other external factors.. How can you judge a guy calling him a manipulator just because he didn’t do the first move, even thought you knew he loved you and think about you all the time, as the text above saying..? :/ Makes no sense..

    2. Not really the place for this but ok. I fell for a married guy. I didnt know that. He lied to me, admitted after some time. It was a long distance relationship. He fell for me as well. We met now and then. Stolen time. We texted 24/7. We planned things. He promised me things. But i just couldnt get more of it. There were ups and downs in his marriage. During the downs he clung closer to me. During last up i couldnt stand it any longer and i sent him to hell. He just didnt have guts to do anything. He is stuck in his situation unable to move. Didnt want to let me go. Manipulated me enough to stay for months and see if he finally grows his balls. But i was a weakling maybe. This situation was very wrong from the beginning. Finally i set myself free. Hurt for a long time only to understand im better without him. Just a lesson i needed to take maybe.

    3. Am very sorry for you karolina, you were lied to from the beginning. But once you found out he was married, what did you do ? You were waiting for him to “grow his balls” , why, so he could leave his wife !? I know its painful, but sometimes you have to do the right thing, he was married ! How does she feel ? You cant build a house on quick sand. His wife is better off without you. I really hope with all my heart that you meet a wonderful man and that you will be happy ! Kind regards.

    4. You know what’s funny? That it has sooo many layers this all. I tried not to be judgmental, but anyone reading those few sentences judges me, him, her. And its not a right place and not really strangers I would or should talk about it all 🙂 😉 all the best 🙂

    1. Keith Sutherland I think my “plant” had too many emotional issues before I met him. We proceeded very slowly which was fine with me then he told me he had been faking it, then told me he has depression and anxiety issues alone with being under psych care for PTSD. his wife died 4 years ago also……..so I just unfortunately inherited a dead plant. So if you know any “healthy” dudes, I really am a nice lady

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