Have you ever just stopped…?

Have you ever just stopped...?


A person… Just a person – made so much of a difference to your Being.

True forย you ?

39 thoughts on “Have you ever just stopped…?”

  1. How can you say that? being a person if I myself take any wrong decision,how can I blame any other? I haven't use my mind an I create problem,who is responsible?

  2. absolutely, best, you are one among the many who made a big difference in my life here. I am grateful to all the people whom i met along the way in my journey. Never did i imagine or thought that a closed entity can be re-open and revived…thanks to my best for unlocking and reviving a closed entity for quite sometime. isn't best really the best. amazing and awesome person.

  3. Of course and not necessarily for the better. But, ultimately, I have to thank everyone who has been and still is in my life because they have contributed to who I am today, and I wouldn't trade that for anyone.

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