It’s Hard To Tell Which Is More Frightening

Morgan Wilkins

It’s hard to tell which is more frightening,
the monsters who live among us
or the ones who live within us..

Shamini Abeykoon

Grave is my thought,
As it coils and twirls
around me as it please
It’s been torture I dare say
and my heart in pain..
but I’d rather cling on
to the torment as it be
For nevertheless a companion
it shall be of me..
Until the day shall fall upon
where a warm heart takes its place.

Karthik Parthasarathy

The inner serpent,
Emerging out time and again,
Doing things to repent,
All to lose and nothing to gain.
There inside everyone,
No one is an exception.
A battle that has to be won,
Not the time for self deception.

Sulekha Pande

The hissing demon,
inside of my soul,
comes to the fore,
once in a while,
I try my best to keep it
under covers,
but to no avail,
it jumps out and talks to me,
and holds me in his power.


Poonam Haritash

Face your inner demons with courage
..frighten them away..
never let them intimidate or control you
fight with them till you get rid of them.


Aditi Prabhu .

…and sometimes I wonder
who’s my biggest enemy.
Is it the society, situation or
the poisonous snake of fear in me.

Belinda Stott

There is a monster inside us all

Kittiya Pico

Even if a snake grew legs,
it can’t outrun its Karma

Rinku Shah

You fuel the demons
by avoiding them
Confront and move on!

Jaimie Mazzone

You have to face yourself
and bow down and hug
that parts of you
that you may not like.
This is the key to the self.

Agupugo Christopher Chukwunonso

My greatest enemy is my self.
Conquer thyself

Sarrvesh Waran

Don’t let the inner demons
conquer you.

Tanu Malhotra

Don’t let your inner demon
overpower you.

Divyansh Sharma

Betraying our self consciousness
will betray us one day!


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