The greatest weapon against stress


Your mind is a weapon and you are its sole master.

You have the power to control it, you can choose which thought to pursue and which to abandon. Whining over a problem is never going to solve it. We all know most of our problems are only the result of overthinking, once we stop it the problems will magically disappear. You can choose to stress over the statement of your neighbors on you or you can choose to think of something productive which will help you make your life better.
Use your weapon nicely and you become the master of it. Shine from within.
Good Day !
– Loathsome Shamsir

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    I agree with your wisdom & the power of thought, and that power/ability within ourselves.

    When we can't alter events or circumstances that create unnecessary grief, and we become aware that changes are required for healthy balance.. sometimes, radical acceptance is the only option.

    Not false knowledge nor accepting things that vibrate discord, via forcing a mismatch within ones core being… but we have to be authentic with ourselves & healed many individual steps before that vault door of understanding- learning/unlearning- acceptance & application from ALL of our experiences in life.

    Those thoughts-beliefs can become YOURS, not just leftover ingrained & instilled ones that run our unaware lives subconsciously.. can be flipped & those thoughts can begin to serve us well- instead of with holding ourselves within our own internal prison.

    I also think that many confuse 'thinking' with the term 'overthinking' ~ deep analytical thinking- reflecting is necessary in life [ good & bad ] to understand ourselves [ human behavior / designed conflicting flaws that make us a dominating species]

    Many begin this process, once they start to become authentic & feel the discomfort of self aware healing.. we stop, fall back into our distracting world.. and call that over thinking or ruminating.

    Somebody said~ Everyone wants to be a diamond, but few are willing to withstand the personal pressure, and being cut… it takes willingness for both!

    sadness I see [ known & experienced during various stages in my 51 years ] the power of thought when combined with ignorance & false knowledge… that takes much deep thinking my friends, and a wish for us all- internal power and real peace can be achieved!!!

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