Grand Wise Pick Competition – 2020

Grand Wise Pick Competition - 2020

Ready to end 2020 with a dash of optimism and a sense of achievement?  

We know how much you love to contribute to our ‘Wise Pick’ submissions! So to usher in 2021 in the most inspiring way, we urge the writer in you to participate in our Grand Wise Pick Competition 2020!

Yes, 2020 has been a terrible year to say the least. But, this is the time for us to rise above all challenges and thrive! It’s time we look forward to the coming year and bid adieu to 2020 for good. Our annual Grand Wise Pick Competition 2020 gives you the rare opportunity to express your thoughts and emotions and immortalize your memories with us, at The Minds Journal!  

Simply take a good look at the image below, pour your heart out and send in your entries for the Grand Wise Pick Competition 2020 by filling in your caption/ quote submission in the submit box below.

Provide an Original caption for the image below

Grand Wise Pick Competition - 2020
Grand Wise Pick Competition - 2020

We will handpick the best entries and publish them on our social media pages so that you can share them with your friends and family. All our readers, including you, can vote for the best entry and the winner will receive an Amazon gift coupon worth $100.  

  • Last date to submit your Caption – 31st December 2021
  • The caption you submit should be original, written by you
  • By submitting your caption here to agree to our websites terms and conditions.

What are you waiting for? Start 2021 with a heart full of love and positivity!

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25 thoughts on “Grand Wise Pick Competition – 2020”

  1. Ilias Carlitos Ferrer

    “Our sources of light might be different but, we are all in the same race.”

  2. No need to hide if you keep your shadow on the same side…
    Life’s race has to be run at your own pace!

  3. Keeping your shadow behind you,
    Is the best thing to do.
    On your mark…
    Ready to step out of the dark!

  4. Face the light and the shadows will always be behind you, but if you stare at the shadows, they will forever be a step ahead.

  5. A 100m race always runs forward. The same with the race of life. We will run forward into 2021, without looking at the shadows of 2020. We will learn from experiences and mistskes and we wil begin a new race of success, happiness and appreciation for what we have.

  6. The challenges of 2020 is merely a shadow of the past. So get ready to start 2021 and focus on a shadow of hope, prosperiy , leading you to a bright , happy and memorable future.

  7. A race don’t need to seem promising at the start to be won. Your fears might be just in front of you, just go for it.

  8. In a race of life where I compete with my own self,either by leaving the negative shadow behind or by taking the positive shadow forward along with me and winning it.

  9. To successfully run the race set before me, I must leave the past behind me and look ahead with eager expectation to the finishing line. The wind that will propel me are the lessons learnt and experiences gained.

  10. I like to be alone with a cup of tea and to sit near my window to see the beauty of the nature. It’s very hard to be in touch with someone, when I am alone. Like to go through my fantasies and find my own happiness…

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