Getaways for The Soul

Getaways for The Soul

Travel can have a meditative effect on our wellbeing. If you’re feeling stressed or worn out, especially in these trying times, consider a wellness trip with yourself and a partner once the pandemic safety level normalizes. There’s a wealth of invigorating locations out there to enrich your body and mind, from tropical paradises to calming coastal towns. These are the top destinations to improve your wellbeing, mental health, and relationships today.


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Getaways for The Soul

Try to avoid the bustling hubs of Oahu and instead opt for the alluring Maui or Kauai, or even Molokai if you’re looking for an unspoiled wonderland. The combination of quiet seclusion and breathtaking nature forms a curative climate to help you rest and relax. Whether you want to spend time at a restorative resort or sweat it out with a volcano hike, Hawaii is an excellent wellness destination.

Getaways for The Soul

Mexico Beach Town Road Trip

Driving down Mexico, especially through Baja, you’ll find ample tranquil beaches and crystal-clear waters. Your destination: Bahia Concepcion, Mulegé. The beaches within this spectacular bay never fail to impress, offering some much-needed restorative time with yourself and/or your partner – you can even get up close and personal with sea life! According to architecture and engineering sites like, the infrastructure in Mexico, is set to be rehabilitated with the massive investment so you can travel worry-free.

Getaways for The Soul

Colorado Springs

Nestled beneath mountains and close to the therapeutic Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs is the perfect place to unwind and find yourself. Take long hikes up in the Rocky Mountains which hover over the town or hit the restful lakes for some idyllic kayaking and contemplation. The Garden of the Gods is not just a name – it’s a truly magical place to help you revive and relax

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The picturesque Cape Cod is a beach haven with ample wellness centers and activities. Quaint and secluded fishing villages make ideal backdrops for your road to self-recovery and replenishment. The atmosphere is quieter in the north of the peninsula, but you can still head into Falmouth or Wellfleet for nighttime fun.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Discover a historic town that likes to do things its own way. Santa Fe has that timeless, romantic quality to it which you can absorb by simply meandering along its ancient avenues, intrinsic cuisine, and adobe markets. There are also the majestic Sangre de Cristo mountains in the background for ideal time spent right in the heart of nature.

Napa California

Home to pretty hillside chateaux and fine, sunny weather, there’s nothing more contemplative than a sleepy afternoon at a winery. Get to know the provenance of winemaking, grape cultivation, and the land with a trip to Napa. Small boutique-style hotels are found throughout the picturesque landscape, offering excellent respite and time to unwind.

All of these fantastic destinations offer peace and quietude for yourself or your partner. They offer plenty of space to keep your distance and practice safe traveling. Just be sure to take your time to treasure each location and not rush for tourist sites.