Fusion Of Two Souls

Fusion Of Two Souls
Sadhana Jain

Fusion of two souls
can create energy
called “Love”.

Sherry Greene

Together, we create

Karthik Parthasarathy

You are my yin,
Me your Yang,
The best compatibility,
With you I share.
Not just on the physical plane,
But in the mind too,
Never felt so lucky,
than in the here and now.

Sarrvesh Waran

Finding someone who resonates
with you seldom happens.
Someone with whom you feel complete
although you are imperfect.
Someone who makes you feel
beautiful and perfect.
Someone who makes you feel whole
and becomes a part of your soul.

M Jeyaram

Sweetheart, reciprocation of love empowers
gratification of our souls.
We realize and relish the enormity of power
we need to light up our life.
Life and love are a bed of roses.

Rinku Shah

There is a strange harmony
in contrast
The attraction between us
was fast.
Let’s bury the past,
And make this last.

Tanu Malhotra

The way you complete me
is incomparable.
You are the plug
to fill my empty socket!

Shawna Griffith

Recharge in your arms.

Sulekha Pande

Let’s connect
Let the sparks fly

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