Feed your soul

There was a time, I felt nothing but pain

Heartbreak and sadness, living insane

My smile was fake, but I wore it so well

I ached inside, but you could never tell

My brain was busy, but my soul was tired

I contemplated “maybe this is just how im wired”

Then one day, I looked in the mirror

How did I miss this?! It all became clearer

My eyes looked tired, and my skin so pale

I lost a lot of weight, my body looked frail.

“You cant keep doing this” I said to myself

There’s more to life, than wallowing in hell.

I reminded myself how badass I was,

Lifted my chin, and walked like a boss.

I confronted my demons, told them they’re no longer needed.

I’m a warrior inside, and their stay had exceeded.

It wasn’t easy, they didn’t want to leave,

Tantrums and tears, they sure did grieve.

As they left my soul felt lighter, and everyone noticed how my smile grew brighter.

Now I wear love like the grandest of diamonds

My eyes looking to the future, beyond the horizons.

My body has the strength to carry me where ever I need to go

This is the result when you feed your soul and starve your ego.

Love and Light

Written By Kellie Nolan

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