Fear. Weakness. Anger and apathy. All but puppets in the hand of the “Master”.

Duane Boyd 

Fear. Weakness. Anger and apathy. 
All but puppets in the hand of the “Master”. 
Yet a paradox remains… 
Who binds and plays the Master?

Jackie Zedalis 

I am in control, 
even when others 
try pulling my strings.

Rinku Shah 

Life is a show
And finally the line we all tow.
Like a puppeteer our strings 

are held in a larger hand,
Time flowing like sand.
Destiny maybe prewritten,
It can be re written.
Think and act to change your path,
Drop the wrath, Be an empath !

Karthik Parthasarathy 

Hands I control, there are many,
Willing and pulling them to do as I say,
Never thought I would be controlled by any,
Till I realized, an invisible master 

would have their way.

Jackie De Klerk 

Everyone just stringed along.
One sternly refused to prolong
this madness of powerlessness.
Rising from hopelessness,
rising against the one in control.
Tying the string around his wrist,
demanding back the leading role.

Sowmiya Kalyanaraman 

We are all but puppets
In our makers hands
Let’s not make anyone else powerful
By handing over our own strands.

Debra Pry 

The hands that you control,
May control you later.
Be wise to the strings you pull.

Cassi Elizabeth 

There’s a bigger hand playing behind all this.”

Debra L Laing 

As I am… 
so are you..

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