Your Favorite Vehicle May Reveal Your Personality Type

Favorite Vehicle

There are many different makes, models, styles, and types of vehicles available these days, and everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect one. People base their choice of vehicle on a range of factors such as the family size, their budget, their personal taste, and their driving experience among other things. Your vehicle choice can sometimes give others an idea of what your personal taste is like and can even be a status symbol. However, vehicle choice sometimes reveals other traits.

According to some, the type of vehicle you choose or prefer could also reveal details about your personality. Some studies suggest that the vehicle you purchase or would like to purchase can say a lot about the type of personality you have. When purchasing a car, your decisions are often made subconsciously but the choice you make could be affected by factors such as your status, your background, your personality type, or even your politics. In this article, we will look at some vehicle choices and what they may say about you.

Some Fascinating Links Between Vehicle Choices and Personality

While you may not think you are purchasing a particular vehicle because of your personality, studies show that this could be the case. So, let’s take a look at some of the fascinating links that have been made between vehicle choices and personality traits:

1. Buying a Red Sports Car

If you own or are planning to purchase a red sports car, it could say a lot about your financial decision-making. According to studies, those who prefer red sports cars are far more likely to take risks when it comes to finances. These cars are associated with power and status, but they are also linked to possible financial recklessness. However, many of those that own red sports cars are doing well financially, so perhaps these financial risks pay off!

2. Driving a Ford

Lots of people drive Fords, and this has become a hugely popular makeover for the decades. So, what does a Ford say about your personality type? Well, according to studies, driving a Ford vehicle indicates that you are a person who is very direct but also friendly. In addition, research suggests that many Ford owners work in the property and construction industry and tend to be middle-aged.

3. Owning a Minivan

If you’ve just invested in a cool minivan with several rows of seats, you either have a big family or lots of friends. Either way, one of the things that this type of vehicle suggests, according to research, is that you have a friendly personality and love to be sociable. Apparently, this type of vehicle shows that you are a people person and that you love to spend time socializing with others.

4. Driving a BMW

BMW drivers have received a lot of bad press over the years, and there is no doubt that there are many other motorists on the road who have preconceived ideas about those with BMWs. They are often considered selfish and inconsiderate road users with a high level of arrogance, and this is backed up by research to some degree. According to studies, those that drive BMWs tend to think that they are very knowledgeable and a cut above the rest intellectually.

5. Owning a Merc

Mercs are wonderful, luxurious vehicles, and have become very popular over the years. Those who can afford to drive a Mercedes are obviously not struggling when it comes to their finances, and according to research they really do like to splash the case. Merc drivers are said to favor premium products of all kinds, from the food they purchase to the furniture they choose. In addition, studies suggest that Merc drivers tend to be very interested in health and fitness.

6. Driving a Lexus

Another luxury vehicle that has become popular is the Lexus, which many consider to be very reliable as well as aesthetically pleasing. According to research, those who drive this type of vehicle tend to see themselves as very sensible as well as analytical. Studies also showed that Lexus drivers tend to be over the age of 65 and work (or worked) in the finance and banking industries. They also drink lots of coffee-shop coffee, enjoy eating out and try to do things that will make them come across as being younger than they are.

7. Owning a Convertible

Hitting the road in your convertible can be great in the summer when the weather is lovely, the sunshine is out, and you are sat behind the wheel listening to your favorite tunes. Studies have suggested that people who drive convertibles love to live life to its fullest, are extroverts, and like to have fun in life.

So, as you can see, there are certain cars that can say a lot about the type of person you are – something to bear in mind when you make your next vehicle purchase!

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