Do You Ever Think About Going Somewhere

Do you ever think about going somewhere where nobody knows you and starting a new life


  1. Yes, and it will be in a place close to the beach. It will be Spring and Autumn all year long. Small quaint town full of interesting and fascinating activities/events, kind hearted, witty, humble, friendly, spiritual and successful souls (living people). It’s very pet friendly. You have access to cars, metro, bus, bikes, go walking and connect to nature: hiking trails, mountains, rivers, but still being far from natural disasters. Full and best quality of healthcare for all is free. A well-hidden gem. Of course, great food is found and is locally grown and organic. A very conscious place with people caring and acting on the environment preservation. I am very happy, full of joy and fulfillment to be leaving in this place and sharing it with my happy and joyous loving partner. A happy life share with a loved one, is twice a happy life.


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