Endings Never End

Your Story Isn’t Over

Happily ever after
Is followed by “The End”
Now becomes “Once upon a time”
A dream, a memory my friend

Moments will come and pass
Testing the love of which you send
Balance shall always be restored
The give and take cycle depends

Your story is not ever over
Like a wave crash, curls and mends
Hope, faith and love exist in truth
Honour yourself and you’ll ascend.

Written by Michael Hodder

“Art is never finished but only abandoned” Leonardo Da Vinci

Finding myself abandoned once again after a casual conversation and encounter, I returned to reading the book (Every Breath, Nicholas Sparks) I had originally planned to enjoy for some reason in a bustling and busy backpackers dining room and kitchen facility rather than a reclusive hostel room or cliche park bench somewhere. Previously the sound of a nearby conversation in a language foreign to me had captured my attention and I was finding it very difficult to stay focused on my reading as I was drawn to communicate with this person. Did I want to understand her? Did I want her to understand me? Perhaps, like the storyline of the book I was reading, it was simply teaching me to understand me.

As I wandered off to ponder upon this while searching for a place to have lunch, another very similar event occurred. After getting directions from the cafe to find a clothing store I soon found myself engaged in another casual conversation and encounter with an overly helpful woman of which I failed to share or obtain contact details with. This pattern wasn’t occurring I know realised from lack of their connection, but of my own, not being fully present and aware of opportunities I was denying myself.

I did however end up finding a store and buying a jacket. It was at this moment of purchase that I wished it was possible to be more grateful to the helpful business woman that offered her time and attention on her lunch break. Returning to the place where the interaction had taken place I waited for an hour to see if the opportunity might reoccur if she travelled the same route back to her office after also having lunch.  Instead I now stood on the footpath writing this paragraph and the one above.

It was soon an hour and a half later when I abandoned any chance of her return and resigned myself to learning a lesson as I headed off towards possibly another. At Central Station I was about to meet up with not just a mentor but a friend and his life partner. As expected lessons abound throughout the encounter and every other interaction that followed, from dinner with more friends later that evening, continuing from nightspot to nightspot across the city.

So does tomorrow begin when today ends? Or is one abandoned for another like unfinished hearts? What is your art?

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