Don’t let people make a hobby out of you- The ones, who want to stay, will stay forever

Don’t let people make a hobby out of you- The ones, who want to stay, will stay forever
Meeting you was a new hope of life,
Learning lessons from you,
I forget how to strife,
With time moving hand in hand,
I didn’t realize you almost destroy me,
Providing me with the promises,
You just ran away from all of them,
Shattering me once again,
Don’t you ever come back,
Life is not a game my friend,
Don’t make a hobby out of it,
Don’t you dare make a hobby out of it’.


People come and go, nobody lasts forever, and the ones who‘ll stay forever enters in your life in unexpected ways.

You see, life has a funny way of proving you how things can turn, how situations can take place in your life. A moment back you were happy and contended with the most precious thing in your life, and the very next moment you can lose it, ever wondered why?

There’s an existence of two words called – ‘Vibrations’ and ‘Karma’.

Let’s talk about them one by one!

‘Vibrations’, have you ever felt them? Everything you encounter today, tomorrow, or have did in your past, or even experiencing in the moment right now, is the real vibration that universe have already allocated for you. The more good deeds or may be specifically here- KARMA, you’ll do, the more you’ll be gravitated towards good vibrational energy. The universe has an ethereal way of bringing things into synchronization.

I’ll make you understand this with the help of an example.

You want your better half to accomplish in his first new job. You start providing him/her with all the positive energy you have, and all the ways of optimism. You keep praying to god for his/her well-being, his/her good results, and you’ll start achieving the results.

Anything that is done through pure heart and mind is always accomplished.

Now, your KARMA is indirectly related to your vibrational energy. You want to see how?

Just try and serve a needy and a poor person with some good course of action, and trust me on that, you’ll get your results in an unexpected way. May be, you’ll get the job you always wanted to have. May be you’ll have the phone you always wanted to earn.

You’ll always get the happiness in an unexpected manner.

 Diverting you to the real topic, don’t let anybody in your real life; make a hobby out of you.  If they are meant to be there, the vibrational energy and KARMA will automatically put that in course of action.

We are amazing humans, we allow people in our lives without even noticing that are they worth-keeping or not. Once a person comes in our lives, providing us with new hopes, we start believing them. We believe them, because we are good humans, and expect others to be the same as we are.

But is this how, peopling turns to be?

We live in a materialistic world. Though we humans have been created by God to help each other, love each other. But still, we always end up hating each other. And where does this hate come from?

This hate takes the unexpected entry when you get hurt by someone close to you. And why do they hurt you? They do because they aren’t sure of what they are doing. Or maybe because their motive is completed.

Or may be let’s come to the real part- ‘Their entry in your life was only a lesson, not a never-ending story’.

Hi people,

You need to understand the notion that, if you have already hurt somebody close to you, once. And things have turned out to be good for the second time, and once again you repeat the cycle.

Don’t expect your counterparts to be the same with you. Of course, they can forgive you, because they have always done good KARMA, and they believe in keeping peace of mind with themselves.

But, there’s no way of getting back to the same cycle again. Creating a hobby out of them won’t work. You must have stayed at first place, with a firm belief in her/him, or else leave this time forever. Because the ones who really want to stay forever with you, will anyways be will be there regardless of situations and any hardships.

Forever is a long time, until somebody dares to see it with you. Find someone, who dares to complete this long journey with you. Else, let the time play role in between.

‘Time and God are best-friends, they’ll definitely figure out the ones who deserve you for the best’.


For the best! 

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