Don’t Let People Know

Don't Let People Know

Don’t let people know too much about you.

23 thoughts on “Don’t Let People Know”

  1. Its true sometimes people just wanted to know hows ur life going on .If u r looser then what u expect from them if u succeed they envy ….Better select whom to share .

  2. She had a Mystique about her.
    Not that she hid everything,
    But she wanted it that way.
    Her past mistakes was her wisdom.
    So she winked at life and did things her way.
    She was the enigma that no one could figure out,
    And that was all of her charm.

  3. Why? In the end you are who you know you are, and if you do truly know yourself then you know others, and they can’t harm you. When you separate and hide then the labels and isms start. Then well…you have what you see in the world today. We all want to be apart of something, yet we all want to be special, unique, and most importantly Loved. We all are. All you have to do is be conscious and know that you are.

    1. Thank you. I really do appreciate your kind words.
      I do know and realize some people are so lost and hurt and bring that onto others, but sometimes they are the ones need us to be so open to, but of course we have to protect ourselves always, but in the end we all will learn and grow then. Hopefully.
      I’m trying, learning, and will never give up because people are the reason and means for everything.

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