Don’t let people know too much about you.


  1. Many commenters asked why. They have obviously not had the experience of someone who is supposed to be your “best friend” telling your personal information to other people when it was shared in confidence. Or, the “best friend” for whatever reason is no longer your best friend and tells everything you ever told her in confidence. Or, you have not met a narcissist yet. They will encourage you to confide in them, especially about your past, only to use it against you and throw it your face in the most horrific ways causing you to experience shame and guilt. Unfortunately, the world is not like it used to be and neither are the people in it. Most would like to think that because they keep confidential information to themselves, that others will do the same. Doesn’t work that way anymore. People are striving to be in the spotlight, women are jealous and tear one another down rather than building one another up, narcissists are rampant and always looking for their next prey. I am a very private person and keep my personal affairs to myself simply b/c I no longer find people to be trustworthy. Sad, but true.