Don’t blindly carry the past into the future

Don't blindly carry the past into the future
Kit Batina 

Don’t blindly carry the past
into the future
as it will drag down
the present 

Aditi Kamboj

Making me weak, making me blind,
The hefty burden of the past behind.
Not knowing where to stop and where to step,
Within the shackles of the past trap.
Help me God, help me, God,
To let me decide the evens and odds.
Break these shackles like a miracle
To let my present and future sparkle.

Lulu Bareford

The future cannot guide you
if you are blinded by the past
and ignoring the present

Kori Martin

The past blinds you
from living in the present
and looking to the future.

Rinku Shah

The past is over,
Let it not hover.
The future is uncertain,
Don’t worry and dishearten.
Live in the present,
With confidence and intent.
Travel light.
End the piggyback ride and feel right.
Past-Present-Future, end this row,
Stand tall in the Now!

Sulekha Pande

Never carry the ghosts of yesterday,
that ride on you,
never let the pressures of the future,
worry you,
live in the present, for that is a gift,
deal with all worries, tensions, and rift.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Ruled by my past
that completely blinded me
Guided by a future
that did not know where it was taking me
I ignored the present
The gift that could have won over my past,
could have defined my future as well.

NaNuk Harmoni

With the weight of the world
on my shoulders,
the past blinds me from all else.

Ramya Raghuraman

Engulfed by my past
My eyes have been blinded with its cast
The tug of war between my present
and future has no meaning
my mind does not believe in living
Oh, dear mind!
Your past is just a pitstop
Refuel yourself and don’t let your time drop.

Sarrvesh Waran

Weighing me down,
the past doesn’t let me see.
Whereas, the future wants to drag me
to its uncertainty and obscurity.
And the present is
kneeling down beside me,
begging for some attention from me.
And what am I doing?
I am neglecting the present
in this dilemma,
when embracing it, should have been
my utmost dogma.

Ann Doherty

Always remember it is you
who decides your focus
never let your past blind you,
throw it off to where
it belongs behind you.

Ricardo Jimenez

We always carry our past
even if it burdens us
and we always try to neglect
what is presently in front of us
that is why we always blindly
head towards the future
with uncertainty

Roma Thomas

Weighed down by the past
and lured by the mirage of future.
I failed to breathe in the present.

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