Don’t Accumulate Anything Whatever Power, Money, Prestige

Don't Accumulate Anything Whatever : Power, Money, Prestige, Virtue, Knowledge

“Don’t accumulate anything whatever power, money, prestige, virtue, knowledge, even the so-called spiritual experiences. Don’t accumulate. If you don’t accumulate you are ready to die at any moment because you have nothing to lose. The fear of death is not really fear of death, the fear of death comes out of the accumulation of life. Then you have too much to lose. You cling to it.”


30 thoughts on “Don’t Accumulate Anything Whatever Power, Money, Prestige”

  1. Avatar of Frederick Conner

    Not true. It doesn’t matter how you think, or what you do. Transitioning into different planes and embodiments/states happens automatically. These “rules” of these eastern style groups are no different from dogmas and doctrines of typical religions.

    1. Avatar of Brett Adamek

      Frederick Conner I dont know anything for sure mate, But logic stipulates that this idea seems correct. I can assume that if I am dying…it is the holding on that would cause suffering. The more I accumulate…the more there is to let go. But you were right…I know little.

    2. Avatar of Frederick Conner

      Once you transition, your body and senses are different. You no longer care about the previous state. It is like a moment of realization, and it happens automatically. I’ve done it many times. Much of your mentality is based on the embodiment at the time. Even with the memory in tact, there are changes to the psyche, because the embodiment is now different.

    3. Avatar of Frederick Conner

      Accessed other planes. They move in different directions relative to this one. A little like antimatter to matter, in that the assembly of info needs to change direction in order to resonate elsewhere.

    4. Avatar of Frederick Conner

      Depends on the which aspect of which group. All of them have truths, but none are 100%. With actual journeys, one can begin to piece together which aspects of which belief systems are accurate, and why.

    5. Avatar of Frederick Conner

      You are backwards, as is usual. My beliefs are based on data collecting, not preference/desire. That is case with all of you though, which is why you all follow established packages, in their entirety. As in life, same in death? What does that mean? You have to pick a specific, otherwise that saying makes no sense.

    6. Avatar of Maria Kasionis

      Frederick Conner Not everybody is you! This goes out to all those people who still have an attachment to things which are of no use to them other than this Earthly life. You can not assume that others are like you, and insulting them makes me wonder if you achieved what you say you have. :/

    7. Avatar of Frederick Conner

      You are making a common mistake. 2, in fact. Assumptions. Assumption #1: that a demeanor correlates with a level of understanding. Assumption #2: that these types are good, righteous, etc.

    1. Avatar of James Strawdog

      Avril Walters
      I do like to keep an eye on the lies they disseminate as unfortunately this kind of superstitious pseudo-science is becoming increasingly popular and I believe it is very dangerous for society so I am trying to do what little I can to counteract these charlatans.

  2. Avatar of Rhonda Diane Stewart

    You are off your fucking rocker. DEATH is a real fucking thing. Don’t say stupid fucking things and I won’t think you are stupid. It has nothing to do with the “accumulation” of life smh.

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