Does Your Cat Have An Attachment Style?

Does Your Cat Have An Attachment Style

Cats are curious creatures aren’t they? They always seem to be very independent and not too bothered by the humans in their lives. Or are they? Is there more to the Cat than we can see? Do they have similar attachment styles to humans? Let’s take a look.

My Cat is very independent. She is not a touchy feely Cat at all. We cannot just pick her up and cuddle her. If she wants a cuddle, she will come and sit on our lap, but usually only until we try to stroke or pet her, and then she’s off. She’s like this with most of us, except for my youngest son and my mum. When she see’s my son, she greets him and wants his attention and will follow him around from room to room, often sitting on his lap, on top of his laptop or Book, generally wanting to be near him. With my mum, she sits by her side sleeping contentedly, waking her up when she wants feeding. When my mum goes out, my Cat gets stroppy and sulks. Although she waits by the door, the whole time my mum is away, and refuses to eat, when my mum  gets home, my Cat goes in another room and sulks. This can last a few hours or until she gets hungry, whichever is the sooner!

We got her when she was 7 weeks old. It was the Easter Holidays and my son was at home with her for nearly 3 weeks. They spent every waking moment together. Although I fed her and changed her tray when I got home, she was with him the whole day. They snuggled up together, watched Star Wars and various anime productions on his laptop. He played with her, fed her and gave her attention. When she needed food or comfort or reassurance, he was there. She has a secure attachment with him, because she could count on him to be there! So now whenever she sees him, you can see the love and adoration she has for him. We often joke that our Cat loves my son, but it actually goes a lot deeper than just love; she feels safe and secure with him, because he didn’t abandon her and go to work!

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