Do You See The Shadows Of Imprisonment

Do You See The Shadows Of Imprisonment
Kayley Easterbrook

Do you see the shadows of imprisonment
or the eternal light of love?


Drishti Nagdeo

Learn to look
at the shadows of love,
Not only its light.
Or else, it would be a trap,
a big fight.


Kayley Easterbrook

A life sentence
gladly served together ♡


Lily Adelaide Lovegood

Love should not be an extension,
convenience or being in chains and cages,
but Love should be a bond
between you and the person
with a commitment to each other.


Pam Clayton

Lurking within the shadows
I hide how I feel
If you would see the truth
I could never seal the deal
Then the sun changes
The shadow is now in the light
It's too late for you to put up a fight
No matter how hard you twist
Those cuffs are on your wrists
Then you awaken, it was just a dream
There are no cuffs, just a diamond ring


Hrisha Paul

I just wish I could see
you didn't bring me a ring
but a handcuff.
Time passes, but love stays.
And I still love you with this regret.


Pam Clayton

The proposal
of a narcissistic man
He will imprison you
any way he can


Debra Pry

Love is an unconditional Bond,
that shouldn't take away
your freedom.


Chinhita Bose – Chinchi

In the guise of our union,
you conspire my captivity.


Sulekha Pande

Bonds or bondage?

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