Do you hate people?


Do you hate people?

Do you hate people?

I don’t hate them…I just feel better when they’re not around.

-Charles Bukowski 

15 responses to “Do you hate people?”

  1. Doaa Venus Avatar

    ا ن ط م …….

  2. Άρης ᾍδης Avatar

    Yup i hate people that are trying to be like me and just walking around and think that they are better than me

  3. Carlos Ocampo Avatar

    The good question to ask is, have you like or dislike somebody and not known why?

  4. Sandra Feld Avatar

    I hate possessors in people n worthless cultist ppeople n worthless worshippers n worthless criminals n worthless corrupted people n all of their possessors they are greedy warmongers n goldiggers n mental illness creators n worthless paedophiles n rapists of ones mind heart soul spirit psyche n sexuality …they are illuminati n monarchy cults

  5. Lacey Print Avatar

    me Salvatore Iogha Just surround me with plants and animals

  6. Amanda Thompson Avatar

    Caitlin Vandermeer this is so you lol

    1. Caitlin Vandermeer Avatar

      It’s true, not all people I have a few I like haha

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