Do not speak bad of yourself

Do not speak bad of yourself




Why put down your own self.. Be kind to others and to your Self

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  1. absolutely! Don't speak bad to your children either … the words you say (specially when you feel it) have power to change – negatively or positively – choose them wisely … "though its not easy sometimes" 😉

  2. Yep! Negative self talk is banned in my world. Words like adult (a word), responsible (r word), normal (the worst n word ever), parent (p word), and smart (s word). These words or variations of them, are considered yelling, curse words, and mean.

    Why? We are often TOLD to BE these. As a form of societal definition and control, one cannot and should not conform. Another person's definition only suits them. I say, non conformity for everyone! Plus, it's super hilarious to tell people not to yell at you when they use those words.

    1. When we talk with self, we feel our energy inside our body knowing that where is mind. Mind "borns" and self "attends", but real self gives balance to this conflict. The energy of real self travels to the 7th level in the body. Through meditation these 7 levels are told about but meditation means a pause for that duration. In that time too you spend some sanskaras because time doesn't exist for it….they are continuous. If you are in Natural way, conscious feel keeps coming and going. This is in us a quality of relationship with the real self. I hope so that this conflict that i am giving you can catch between you and your real self. The best language in this is Silence, words are not needed.
      If we guide someone through our experience, we are interfering with the work of the divine. Till you dont have full knowledge about someone, dont misguide anyone. If you know about master, you just need to connect with him.

    2. If the mind is to be freed from conflict, it must always
      make the right choice and must unfailingly prefer the truly
      important to the exclusion of the unimportant. The choice
      has to be both intelligent and firm; and
      it has to be intelligent and firm in all the
      cases of conflict—important as well as
      unimportant. It has to be intelligent, because only through
      the pursuit of true and permanent values is it possible to
      attain a poise which is not detrimental to the dynamic and
      creative flow of mental life. An unintelligent choice may
      temporarily overcome conflict, if it is stern; but it is bound in
      the long run to curtail the scope of life or to hamper the
      fulfilment of the whole personality. Moreover, the conflict
      will surely reappear in some other form, if it has not been
      intelligently solved. An intelligent solution, on the other
      hand, requires an insight into true values, which have to be
      disentangled from false values. The problem of the conflict
      of desires thus turns out to be the problem of conflicting
      values; and the solution of mental conflict, therefore,
      requires a deep search for the real meaning of life. It is only
      through wisdom that the mind can be freed from conflict.
      Meher Baba heart emoticon
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