It All Depends On How We Look At Things

It All Depends On How We Look At Things

“It all depends on how we look at things, and not on how things are in themselves. The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.”

― C.G. Jung

2 thoughts on “It All Depends On How We Look At Things”

  1. Who can control the thoughts, or the thought system itself. Or the will for which is but an effect of the uncontrollable thought system, which is part of all else… which is the enviornmental conditions set by the conditions of everything, not the self. Set by everything else, or all else, but nit The self. Paticularly while: “All is an effect of everything else”! Nobody is the creator of the Self, nor cause of the Self in any way or means. Thought can be received but nobody is the author nor creator of thought itself. Its received too fast to know its received only. Clinging to thought and will is a disease causing illness when chronic because of not being self realized and choatic. Because peace and peace of mind origionates within as an increased awareness of truth and knowledge about the self. We are the created as an effect of all else. Never causal nor cause whatsoever. To include thought itself being only effects not causal, which the will is in volition with or effective with as but another effect but also not causality. Which means so called free will or volition is illusive as well. While this nature of the Self is cunundrum to be solved by right knowledge. The Self is a miracle at best but an enigma, or ineffable, in true perspective. The process of life is through abstraction of and for contexts to make meaning. This means is an effect making meaningfull life, never less nor choatic effects. Its ignorance being that which makes chaos and conflict or war. Who not knowing themself can be at peace. Only the Self Realized enlightened ones can fing peace within and, or peace of mind. Those who think the Self is thought and will do take personal that which they think they be or are. Taking thoughts personal through defending them. Although their is no justifiable defense. To defend the Self ony attacks its own invulnerability. One cannot hurt any other whatsoever without hurting the self. If only by becoming dillusional or increasing ignorance and illusions. Mind consciousness is the last frontier but its also the final weapon. Although mind itself cannot attack being only an effect of everything else and never causality. There is no means of proper denial without making ones own ignorance itself increase or increasing illusions. The only one denial effective or real is to deny the Self being vulnerable. What the self can surrender can’ be held always in control. Thoughts and will both can be surrendered, but both being, or becoming surrendered to all else, or effects, does not mean ones vulnerable, nor any vulnerability is real, or really existing. In fact surrendering thought/will volition itself makes ineffable bliss. Which is the pure consciousness untainted by this universe of illusions. The Hindu religion calls this world of illusions Maya. This is why its true to say only the truth is true, whatevers beside it, because it’s not there doesn’t matter. And wht I say lifes process is abstraction contextualizations and recontextualizations for means of meaningfulness to unfold a meaningful life.

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