Deep Within There Is A Beast

Deep Within There Is A Beast
Vian Cy

Deep within, there is a beast
that's waiting to be freed.


Martin Xayachack

We fear nothing more
than the demons that lie within.


Rinku Shah

Synchronicity within, is what I seek
Not ambiguity or an occasional leak.
Which then I have to contain,
And bear the pain!


Karthik Parthasarathy

Oh, my internal demons,
Raring to come out,
Quite a struggle they put,
Wanting to be free.
The onus is on me,
To keep them inside,
Even if it means I get hurt,
Stitching myself up to control them.



Sunny Marie

Memories, pull at my seams
..old, shattered dreams.
Tearing me apart.
Inside bursting, out.
..then Hope came
and gave me
The Blue thread.
Which I now use,
To darn, myself.



Robin Bitz

Inner emotions begging to be free
Free from the negative thoughts
That hold us captive to our own prison
Never revealing our true self
Always returning to the walls of insecurities



Rejean Mayer

I remember when my soul wanted
to jump out and hurt everybody.
Gratefully my heart was
strong enough to seal the pain.



Divya Tuli Garg

Your memories peep out of my heart.
Every day they tear me apart.
With thread of time, I stitch my heart.
I try to forgive and forget.



Priyanka Tripathi

Deep wounds won't be healed
with external stitches!
It requires conscious healing
with the love from heart!



Alexander Masters

My demons are always wanting
to come out and play
but it's best if I keep them sealed away


Shan Basabas

Release the things
you cannot control
before they destroy you


Jaimie Mazzone

A temporary stitch for
the inner battles within.



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