Dear Writers,

Dear Writers,
Dear Writers,
    You are an inspiration to me and many others. You are courageous to write and give a piece of yourself in your work. You have a deep connection with every writer that has ever written a word; a diary, journal, song, blog, article, book, play, published, not published, you are connected to every storyteller in the world. Why do you write? For me, I wanted to write about everything and because of this, I had no idea where to start. So, I think I wanted to start with my roots. Why do I write? Why do you write? I want to write to be the voice to share my experiences, to open the mind, to welcome others into my world. I would hope for writers it is not about financial gain, but to help others navigate our life experience and give hope for the future. To inspire, to help expand the mind to the endless possibilities that we write about. Even though our words may not end up reaching millions of people, it will reach many people. You may never know what impact you made for those individuals and that is okay. And I believe that is why we write. We put a little piece of our soul into our words and that is poetry written straight from your soul. That in itself is absolutely beautiful and worth every keystroke. We lift ourselves and we lift others in the process, for me I could not ask for anything better. So I want to thank the readers and the writers of the world, for it may feel the world is going mad and change is upon us. However, our words will forever live on in the soul and souls in which our words connect with. Our lives are infinite and one day you will awaken and may be reading a part of you in an something you have read. Never forget, we are all forever connected to a neverending story.
Looking down and around, the world seems dark and bleak.
We feel the fire blazing around us and cannot find the words to speak.
How can you rise, if you have not burned? Well, in the burning ashes of your soul, it is whispering “Come Home”, awaken the soul, lift your spirit to the sky. Find the courage for your words to come alive.
Be the burning torch for others to help them learn to fly and find their way back home.

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