Dear Fate – Mind Talk

Dear Fate - Mind Talk

Dear Fate,

Thank you,

Thank you for letting me meet the love of my life,
Thank you for allowing me to make her happy even for a short period of time,
Thank you for letting her smile alone satisfy my soul,
I will never forget the way her smile ignited the flames of love within my heart,

She reminded me of what it’s like to fall in love deeply,
She reminded me of what I wanted to do,
I wanted to be the source of happiness,
I want to be the source of pure love itself,
So to those who needs love come to me, or shoutout with the loudest voice of your hearts and I might find my way to you
and I will show you what it’s really like to be loved.

But please fate do one thing,
Please make her happy,
Let her meet someone who’ll love her the way that I do,
Let her be safe for the rest of her life,

I always thought I was the right one for her,
Until I found my inner demons,
Which is why I know now, what we both know,
As much as I want to be the reason for her smile and for her safety,

We both know she’s not safe with me.
As long as my body can endure, I love her,

If you see anyone who’s sad and lonely,
Tell them

“In this world wherein we’re divided by our fears,
Someone loves you, and as long as he’s body endures,
He loves you”

From here on out I shall practice
the art of living fate, without a name.

To the last person that I will love unconditionally,

You truly are one shining light


EJ Luciano