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Dating Boundaries Can Sound Like

Dating Boundaries Can Sound Like

Dating Boundaries Can Sound Like…

  • I need us to define the relationship
  • I am not ready for physical intimacy
  • I am busy tonight, but I am free tomorrow!
  • I don’t text while I’m at work
  • I am not ready to meet your parents
  • I need us to have all our serious conversation in person (not via text)
  • I want to be there for you, but right now I am struggling with my own mental health and can’t be your primary support
  • I am not ready to commit
  • I am not okay with you using degrading language around me
  • One glass of wine is my limit
  • It’s important for me to designated time for my friends.
  • Let me get back to you, I need some time to think
  • I am not comfortable with sexting
  • I value your opinion, but I will make this decision on my own
  • It makes me uncomfortable when you talk about our sex life in front of others
    -Sara Kuburic

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