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Courage to fight

Do you know which words have become useless in time? 
“You should fight”. Yes, exactly these. 
Maybe only a tired warrior arrives at this conclusion.
But you hang on to every crumb of hope,
thinking that right now it is hard but it will get better. 
You get sick of the fighting because you want each battle to be the last.
You want to leave your shield behind and to be weak,
to be proven that it is really worth the fight,
but in the end, life tells you that it is still not the time. 
Everything you knew so well, was how to fight but even this tires you. 
I don’t say you to fight. Instead, I say courage, for you’ll face everything.
You’ve come so far to give up now. 
– Daniela Ciobanu

Daniela Ciobanu

I am a hopeless romantic. I aspire to inspire people by my example. I want to be a healer and to make others avoid painful experiences. Also, I want to be a role model when talking about unconditional love and trust.View Author posts