Convenient Love

Convenient love ! To fit into this ideal which we have created for ourselves. Approval! To show the world how happy we are becomes the basic aim. Seriously ? So shallow love has become that it requires an authentication from others. Insecurities! No I don’t crave a perfect love to be flaunted. I want raw. Imperfect love. Love is honestly not enough. Love cannot always save us. We are all just drunk upon this idea which is false.Where is this unconditional love? There is this now conditioned love where we want a change so that it fulfills a certain criteria. A check list. Where is the patience when the honeymoon phase is over ? We expose our vulnerabilities and then we find ourselves lost in a jungle of emotions dealing alone because we become too difficult during the time when we need our love the most. Love now demands easy, convenience.

“No you are a mess! Yes I am a mess and I accept it so are you perfect?” We no longer want our imperfections to make love. We want perfect defined love adhering to the Oxford definition of. No! Because life is not one word or one page it is one fucking book which we will never be able to finish and in the process of reading it, exploring it, we will die. So why stick? Why can’t we love fearlessly with all our might and accept a person with all the rawness. Accept a soul which is tarnished, broken, insecure but still smiling. Are we all not with our different personalities still the same broken, just different reasons?

Some accept and some don’t! Go love someone as they are and see how easy the struggles of life will appear because love doesn’t mean your miseries and struggles will end, it only means- your person by your side you will not be alone to deal. So go grab your imperfect one and create a love story which is flawed to the core !
– Nida Sumra

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