Choose The Life You Want To Live

Choose The Life You Want To Live
Each of us is different. 
While some of us are loud and proud, others choose to remain silent when they have the most to say. Others will choose to work out what’s broken, the other one won’t stay. Some are lost, others have found their way. Many will go for the looks, only few will search for a good heart. Some will do everything for popularity and fame, others just don’t care. Some will go out on a party, others will choose not to leave their beds. Others got stuck in their situations, others chose to move on. A few will strive harder when almost everyone has settled for fine. Some will say “You only live once!”, others will say “You live everyday”. Some are so busy making a living, they forgot how to live. Some just got nothing to do but they live in peace.
Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense how the world is evolving because you seem to be on the same spot. There were those times when you were left empty-handed while others have gotten so much. While many chose to go on the right direction, you chose the left. Others have already reached their dreams and you’re still on your way but that’s ok. You’ll get there one day. In this world, some will tell you their plans and how is it going, show them your results instead. There are few who will see the silver linings in every struggle, so will you?
No matter what our differences, how we live and what we choose to believe, we are all living and trying. Oftentimes, pain makes us bitter, join the few who choose to become better and kinder. Life isn’t always sugar and spice and everything nice. It could sometimes be sour and salty and everything rocky. Be among the few who appreciate life in all its taste. Be the few who choose to see the beauty of the world when others have failed. Live life to the fullest or live it with regrets. You choose.

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