Chaos – Mindtalk



Sweet sorrows of burning palms,
Mind loved everything that was wrong;
Cause it could never find the end and neither could destiny mend;
so many thoughts
ricocheting off the sides of
my hard white skull;
All that can be void and null;
They all seem discursive and scattered,
Why would these curses ever matter?
Who will command stillness to wickedness so desolate and dead?
Partly I lay feeble in the head;
What was happiness is now a presumption,
Evolving and clawing threw this crushed creation.
Living is somber with a fatal fixation,
An anarchist atom
Assaults the atmosphere ;
With charges
Of chemicals.
A disection, distortion
Diversion of dedication ;
It lay like total disaster;
Leading to lies
Leaving love for loneliness craving more for holiness;

erratic thoughts anguish in
ignorance and resignation;our
spaces seep into another
common one,
You’re caught in a whirlwind, with no sense of direction;
The perpetual combustion of ever flowing thoughts keeps me awake at night;
I try to sleep with all my might;
Leaving your solace to come to bleed one last time ,
You know not what reeks inside your mind;
Every creavis is polluted by so many lies;
Letting them seep in ,
Now you must purge away with more sin;
To feel the measure of years gone by,
You can’t talk your way through this pain
All thats left is what you allowed to remain;
Rebuilding chaos perfectly now and to begin again and again!!!!

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