The stories you hear, the news pieces you read, the personal experiences that surround you and your close ones, this is all what makes the basis of our thoughts and through them knowingly or unknowingly our thoughts are processed. Just the other day I wrote about time and how we don’t know how much time we have left. In a matter of days I heard of 4 young people dying, one because of the fault of a hospital, one due of heart failure and two because of road accidents. All these people were in their 20’s. Age is no longer the criteria mentioned for a long life. No assurances are given and no promises kept. Such is life’s way of keeping us on our toes.

Many people live their lives like it’s their last day on earth. Some live like they have all the time in the world. Some don’t really care. And some take everyday as it comes. Optimism is a good trait and we need to be prepared for anything in this lifetime. LIFE is very unpredictable, you never know what it can throw at you in a matter of minutes.

Taking this into consideration people sometimes make life altering decisions. Some quit their jobs and go to travel the world. Some try to do something substantial with their lives and try to build a future for their loved ones, just in case they are not here tomorrow. Some live for themselves and are there for their family and friends if and when need be. Each in their own way make an effort.

However close knit we are, we have to remember we come alone in this world and we go alone. No one will think of you  IF you don’t think of yourself. However selfish this may sound but this is how it  all boils down to these days.

The people in your lives, family will stick with you more or less if you’re lucky. But as for friends…

One day you’re strangers, the next day you’re friends, some friends stay for life and are closer than extended family, some become strangers again. Some people stay hiding in corners in your life, they come out to play hide and seek once in a while and therefore the kind of intensity you shared with them earlier dies away.

As the saying goes,


Some friends come into your life for a reason, others come only for a season.

Expectations, if too many create disappointments in life. It’s human nature to expect and sometimes you just can’t help yourself. If you don’t expect even the smallest non-expectant news will be a huge surprise in life then!

Reality has a way of bringing us back to normality in life. We keep getting reality checks and we keep on  living and learning.

All these experiences make us who we are. So chin up and face life like today’s the only day you have! Unpredictable as life is we have to learn to pick up the pieces and start again, sometimes at the same puzzle and sometimes on another.

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