Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 29 July 2020

Caption This 29 July 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

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Laetitia Ball

Bending over backwards to please others is knocking nails into your own being.

Wise Pick 2 August 2

Shubha Bhandarkar

The moment you bend or compromise your self-respect, you will be knocked down hurting yourself.

Wise Pick 2 August 3

Sarmistha Choudhury

Do not nail yourself with the past wounds, it will torment your peace of mind.

Wise Pick 2 August 4

Angel Durbin

Yielding and bending to hit the nail every time per someone else’s rules will eventually have you broken and gone.

Wise Pick 2 August 5

Tanu Malhotra

Sometimes hammering inward than outward is helpful. Its called introspection. But, not at the cost of damaging your self-worth!

Wise Pick 2 August 6

Dianna Jacobs

When we bend so far for everyone else, we end up hammering the nail into ourselves.

Wise Pick 2 August 7

Angela Lee

Never bend over to hurt yourself, trust your good-self, you are good enough to handle everything. Trust and obey.

Wise Pick 2 August 8

Steve Cordle

Hang, in there you can always get hammered. Or It’s always better to get hammered than nailed.

Wise Pick 2 August 9

Shraddha Jhanwar

Life is like a hammer, Thoughts are a nail, Be careful while hitting, You may hurt yourself!

Wise Pick 2 August 10

Kanisha Shah

Either be the HAMMER who You itself control your life or you will end up being a NAIL where life will control you.

Wise Pick 2 August 11

Angelica Aquino

The hardest pain that you can ever receive in life is not from other people, but rather pain inflicted by yourself.

Wise Pick 2 August 12

Angelo Crosby

Some bend over backwards to drive a lie like a nail into reality only to find that the truth prevails in the end…

Wise Pick 2 August 13

Mandira Sarbabidya

“Mostly we get scars because of our own deeds, where deeds act as a hammer to nail the pin of sorrow.”

Wise Pick 2 August 14

Joseph N. Obinwa

Our biggest hurt in life sometimes can be self-inflicted.

Wise Pick 2 August 15

Shweta Manglik Agarwal

Stop using “Power of tolerance” when you start hurting yourself or else you will be blamed you are a broke piece.

Wise Pick 2 August 16

Shrîsty Tèwary

Let your pains build and fix you instead of destroying you.

Wise Pick 2 August 17

Sherry Greene

The biggest wounds we receive Are often delivered by our own hands.

Wise Pick 2 August 18

Akanksha Agrawal

Don’t be harsh upon yourself while hitting a nail at the problems.

Wise Pick 2 August 19

Priya Washikar

The deepest wounds are the one’s which are inflicted by your own words and deeds!

Wise Pick 2 August 20

Lyon FC

If you don’t know how to seek for help, You’ll only inflict more pain on yourself.

Wise Pick 2 August 21

Chandra Sundeep

Bending backwards to please others, at the cost of one’s own happiness is always destructive.

Wise Pick 2 August 22

Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

Watch your steps and words, Sometimes it can afflict you, nailing you down where you need to lay down your guards!

Wise Pick 2 August 23

Amrita Mallik

Your own mind can fix you or break you like a hammer and a nail.

Wise Pick 2 August 24

Thulaganyo We-c

Most of the Pains we are going through are self-inflicted

Wise Pick 2 August 25


“Don’t punish yourself for the mistakes of others, you deserve someone who can uplift your soul”

Wise Pick 2 August 26

Aayush Soni

Overthinking and over-expectations both hurts a persons soul.

Wise Pick 2 August 27

Divya Jain

Bowing every time before the nail of hardship and pain means weak surrender without fighting.

Wise Pick 2 August 28

Lou Angelique

Bend, but do not break. Build, don’t hurt yourself. Life is what you make— be strong and live well.

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