Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 19 November 2020

Caption This 19 November 2020

Nibedita Jena

You are solely responsible for the happiness of your soul,give wings to your dreamsand fly high with self-love.

Rose George

Set free all your emotions Your troubled past Like birds let them fly Otherwise, you will be Caged all your life

Niranjana Shankar

What binds you, What frees you. All lies within you.

Harshia Karim

Let it all go with grace. What’s yours will come back and stay!

Victoria Richmond

Freedom comes from letting go.


Never follow in the shadows of others, set your soul free and be YOU.

Jill Haer

Our physical world is temporary. Set your soul free like birds fly!

N Browny

Release negativity trap within you and your spirit will soar

Phoenix Spirit

You can not know how it feels to soar if you never leave the comforts of your trappings.

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