Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 15 September 2020

Caption This 15 September 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

We have selected 30 comments as Wisepicks from our Facebook Page, Facebook Group, YouTube and Instagram as on 17 September 2020.

Shane Ross

Nothing is as haunting as the things we don’t say…

Rinku Shah

Negative self talk, Is nothing but hate and mock. Don’t hide it, instead RISE above it!

 Kanisha Shah

Constant negative self-talk has an ability to change your thoughts into reality and so does Positive self-talk Choose your thoughts wisely!

Subhashini Madasu

Easier said than done; easiest is to criticise and blame! The best attitude is to be selectively ignorant to such comments!!

Chandra Sundeep

Hidden behind the veil are loads of depreciating thoughts. Brush them aside and shine on!

Monica Sharma

When in distress, please express.

Pauline Ebijimi

Some times you feel that people will not understand the storms in you. Thereby putting on a fake mask.

Avni Rahul Katakkar

Wearing the mask of happiness, we all try to veil the stress!

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