Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 13 July 2020

Caption This 13 July 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

 We have selected 29 comments as Wisepicks from our Facebook PageFacebook Group  and Instagram as on 15 July 2020

Ruth Owens

You Have Touched My Heart and Kissed My Soul…

Nida Khwaja

True love makes you rise and cling forever to the heart of the wise!

Sherry Greene

She saw through his darkness, And took his heart in her hands.

Monica Sharma

True love promises unconditional love and support.

Colleen Hill

Determined to be his light, she sees through his darkness and loves him anyway.

Bhawna Thakur

Nothing might escape from the black hole, but love transcends all boundaries and discover its new universe

Bengia Akuli Bengia

There’s a universe inside of you, fill me with your eternal love. Be my getaway.

Beena Prasad

Love is a feeling that can turn the darkness of a man’s life into brightness.

Angelo Crosby

Because her love for him was like the wind, she held his heart so that he could feel the force of her love.

Brittany Callee Murillo

Safe in his arms, his heart in her hands, he won’t let her fall, thus keeps his heart safe after all. Lift her up in your grip, and hers will never slip.

Darcy Rizzo

Allow me to hold your heart in my hands, while you hold me in your loving arms…

Jyotsna Nautiyal

Love is the highest form of surrendering yourself, where you only give selflessly .its not a forced expression.

Roccio Saldaña

The centre of my universe is in my hands and I promise to protect it till the end of time

Shraddha Jhanwar

When life becomes dark, True love makes it bright!

Matthew Diengdoh

Your heart may be black But I hear and feel it beating faster We can never go back As we embrace each other tighter This love is blind but it doesn’t matter Because in your heart I hold a special place and that’s all that matters.  

Alisa Fuentes

Hold my heart and I will give you the universe.

Shrîsty Tèwary

Those kisses and hugs, captures my heart, which makes me shine so bright.


I give you my heart darling because you hold it the way like no one else…

Lou Angelique

You lifted me up and kissed my fears away. You gave me your heart, and now I’m here to stay.

Debra Pry

Falling in love is easy, but craving a soul on soul connection is rare.

Sarita Shukla

I carry you in my heart forever Will live by the promises and leave you never Lose yourself in me my love Can walk miles carrying you like this.

Bandita Sinha

You lifted my soul and kissed my sorrows away, Now I hold your heart and caress you, soul, forever.

Angelique Gross

When she loves you there’s not a single thing she wouldn’t do to breathe life into you.

Sheela P M

He is uplifting her spirits; She is illuminating his heart with the spark of his enchanting hold.

Sean Donovan

I’m her universe, and she’s my heart.

Carmen Juliette

Even in your darkest moments, she’s the light that protects your heart.


It’s not just the person whom you love but it’s his heart whom you embrace.

Kufre Stephens

Hold my heart and illuminate my dark soul with your love

Manish Patel

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