Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 11 September 2020

Caption This 11 September 2020

Neetu Asnani Ayesha Dadlani

A family which holds together is home.

Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

A home is built on the pillars of trust of the family!

Deepa Bansal Goyal

Irrespective of size…where family unites…Home is heaven…Where love resides…


Only happy people make an ordinary house a perfect home.

Ronda Jean Walker

Family! Every time I leave my home I carry a piece of them with me.

Lou Angelique

Our paths may differ, and our hearts may roam, but within our family, we will always find a home.

Wesley Hamlet

The foundation of our home is held up by how strong we stand together..

Secret Symphony

Home is not always a place. Sometimes, we find our home in people.

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