Caption this – 6 September

Caption this - 6 September

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.

Wise pick for the image will be published on 9 September

103 thoughts on “Caption this – 6 September”

  1. Loving you,
    hardest possibility,
    emotional captivity.
    Listen carefully,
    one refuses to tolerate,
    ridiculous words evaporate.
    With no taste
    walks upon you ignorance.
    With taste
    appears knowledge.
    You are worthy.
    – Written by Me

  2. Now is the time to speak to ourselves; to give ourselves appreciation, encouragement and self enlightenment
    Truly there’s no greater listener than yourself
    No greater voice than your voice

  3. The love you are seeking from others is the love you haven’t given yourself.
    Self love is the only true love to give from to others and it sets your standards for what you accept from others.

  4. From youth we should grow the seed of self love to amplify self worth, thus we can love life and and live life to it’s fullest, because when you love yourself, you will never truly feel alone.

  5. perhaps what we say, no matter the way, can become what we fear, what others may hear. so speak direct from the heart, its voice always smart, when the message returns, only these words it earns…

  6. Desperate to hear the ‘three magical words’,
    Burbled by herself savoured by the ear.
    An eternal love that ends never,
    Thine own love will take you to the foremost of forever!

  7. Doleful fate,
    She has a lot many people to hate.
    But none to love
    Or to get loved like a dove.
    So she says stubborn
    And embodies the idea to love herself!

  8. The words I want to hear is also the voice I want to listen inside of me like an echo running through my vein, whispering the feeling of love I have deep inside of me.

  9. The love that we wish to see and sprout,
    Let it come from the inside out.
    Let it bloom from the core.
    Without any doubt,
    We can say that it shall never run out…

  10. “You are not weak,
    You are not a loser,
    You are not who they say you are,
    You are amazing, stand your ground and keep your kind and love and soon enough YOU will realize how strong youv’e become. “

  11. All that love you give away,
    Don’t think it is in vain and stop at bay.
    Close your eyes and listen to the sound of your mending words,
    How soothing it is to hear!
    So don’t stop spreading love, dear…

  12. What goes around,
    Does it come around?
    It will, it’s the law by which the universe is abound.
    It might take some time,
    You just got to listen with patience,
    You will receive your sent out essence…

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