Caption this – 6 October

Caption this - 6 October

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
Wisepick for the image will be published on 9 October

71 thoughts on “Caption this – 6 October”

  1. He’s cutting the barbed wire fence that separates the both of us. He’s finally learned a lot from his demons and is now in a place spiritually, emotionally and physically in his heart to receive more of what the Universe has to offer.

  2. The harder life becomes the tougher you must get. If your struggles build barbed wires around you and your dreams you find the platinum scissors within and make your way throught.

  3. The power of freedom has always been in your hands, always your choice, either you stay stuck – behind wires, or you go brave – cut it all out, for a breakthrough. You’ll stay on course, wanting to know what’s in the other side, waiting foe rescue, staying as prisoner, or either, you’ll be a cast out – chaser, breaking bad – but coming out loud, free from bondage. It’s all in a snap of of your fingers, always was, always will be.

  4. A wire cannot separate us,
    We are much more than that,
    Unless that is in our minds,
    I wouldn’t want that.
    Plier to cut the wire
    I don’t need it,
    My will as my tool,
    More than what I would need.

  5. 1) Eliminate Negative Strongholds that Weakens the Mind.

    2) Power to Break Free is in your Hands.

    3rd…You can cut strongholds that hinder your potential.

  6. Cross fingers, they become Hope,
    Raise them strong, they will become Victory. Fingers has power to become Voice, Openion and Expressions to scissor any Barriers.

  7. Inaction will keep you a prisoner to fear and anger and insecurity but action, even the smallest one, will cut the fences holding you back from true freedom.

  8. You hold the power.
    And until you give up,
    Nothing’s never over.
    Whenever you feel fettered,
    Push yourself to become better.
    More than fingers of steel,
    What matters is you have to hone what you feel…

  9. With persistence and determination,
    You can always strive to arrive at your destination.
    When you are met with hurdles and feel fettered.
    Improve yourself to become better.
    Because there is no end,
    If a strong will you befriend…

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