Caption this – 6 July

Caption this - 6 July

Caption this - 6 July

Wisepick for the image will be published on 9 July

43 thoughts on “Caption this – 6 July”

  1. Nature is friend and nature is foe,
    Trees are lifeline from head to toe,
    Protect nature & you will protect humanity,
    In return you will be rewarded with better destiny….

  2. Karma has a very unique tactic in doing it’s job.Because in everything you do it will come back to you in an unexpected way. Just like cutting the trees when you axe them you don’t know that you are leading yourself to your very own doom.

  3. Trees?
    No, they are our breaths!
    For birds, they are shelters
    Of environment , they are friends!
    With clouds, they are well tuned,
    These silent creatures are our rescuers, our patrons
    Stop cutting them with reckless abandon!

  4. Regret on the hindsight,
    Is today’s plight…
    For every wedge you chop,
    There needs to be a stop.
    The attack is on the oxygen supply,
    Rules of Karma will apply!

  5. When the ax entered the forest, the trees said, “Look, the handle is one of us!”. Be very conscious my fellow beings, our actions today can impact our future in an unimaginable fashion

  6. That moment when the truth dawns upon us that we are the reason for our doom and we feel futile though we are great, we feel guilty for this grisly fate. And I just wish, that we would realize our mistake before it’s too late…

  7. “Save trees!”, they say.
    Little do they know,
    The trees need no saving,
    We do, though.
    Destroying the source of our breath,
    Not the way for us to survive.
    I wish we realize,
    Save humans by saving trees,
    The way to go.

  8. Out of need and greed,
    We bring the trees down.
    We don’t see it bleed,
    As we are busy in the town.

    When are we going to realize,
    That with more trees falling down,
    We are nearing our doom,
    That it can happen any time soon…

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