Caption this – 5 August

Caption this - 5 August

Caption this - 5 August

Wisepick for the image will be published on 9 August

79 thoughts on “Caption this – 5 August”

  1. When you fail to fix, your subtle sense
    Let someone else fix,
    The screws of your brain.
    You can too, help & contribute
    If the nuts of his/her brain
    needs some fixing as well.

  2. We argue, we fight
    We don’t talk for nights,
    Our short temperaments make everything go wild
    Our screws losen, our bolts unfastened
    But, all we know is
    we are each other’s mechanics
    Our love is the wrench that fixes the screws and makes it tightened!

  3. You fix my issues,
    While I fix yours,
    The beauty of our relationship,
    Infact, the purpose of it.
    The issues in the mind,
    To be fixed by another,
    Needs a higher understanding and trust,
    I am glad we both have it.

  4. Why do we love screwing with each other’s minds?
    We can change each other’s perceptions.
    Bolt actions brains.
    Round and round our thoughts go and where they end up, nobody knows.

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