Caption this – 4 November

Caption this - 4 November

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
Wise pick for the image will be published on 7 November
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130 thoughts on “Caption this – 4 November”

  1. Being an old school
    Generates luck sometimes.
    Amongst all falling down
    In the hands of tech,
    The one still following the heart
    Definitely learns life’s art.

  2. The wise person looks up dancing to life with the butterfly, while the fool who values social media above all walks into the pit of despair.

    Don’t follow the crowd, look up and live!

  3. Happiness never lies in the gadget
    Gadgets only makes us forget about it
    Most men fail to understand this concept
    Who realise this fact can easily find the key to happiness.

  4. A tiny tech world in your hand
    First makes your head down
    It’ll slowly push you down into the world of distraction which is the reason for depression
    Put the gadgets down and
    see the beauty of the world
    You’ll find the real bliss which never lies in mobile phones.

  5. In the technological world
    Men are going without knowing where
    Beware it’ll make you depressed sooner or later
    Set the gadget aside and follow the things which gives real pleasure
    Though it makes you singular from others.

  6. If your heart flies upon something, follow it,
    and not the lies conceived by ‘their’ mind.
    It is a joy or a sorrow depends upon what you allow!

  7. Wake up before it’s too late.
    Don’t fall off a cliff for a reality that’s fake.
    Like butterflies, chase your dreams,
    Here in the real world, not on a screen.

  8. Don’t go where they all go
    Even if you have no other go
    You can create a path
    Since you are an empath.
    Where they go leads them to automation
    What you practise leads you to reputation!

  9. Like a herd,
    Caught in the virtual world,
    Look around,
    Dont be bound,

    Gaze at the skies,
    Chase the butterflies,
    Feast your eyes on the sunrise,
    It is time to realize,

    There is life beyond,
    The world of GADGETS…

  10. Everyone is looking down yet they do not see
    They are nearing the depths of technology
    But a man who chooses to look up to the sky
    Finds fine simplicity to redirect his life

  11. You miss the simple joys,
    Being busy on electronic toys.
    Excessive screen time is hazardous,
    Let’s try being adventurous…
    Lift up your head,
    And try chasing a butterfly instead!

  12. Choices:
    Attention is the most valuable gift we have, versus spending our lives in an intensely focused state of distraction. We can make a broader decision about how we choose to live our lives by changing course to correct addictive behaviours, to one that feels productive and positive, not toxic. Decide to be in the moment. Tomorrow is a whole new day!

  13. Getting sucked into this tech world,
    Not taking our eyes away,
    Walking into the trap,
    Of a free fall into the abyss.
    High time we wake up,
    See the skies and smell the roses,
    Start seeing the beauties of life again,
    Start living life once again.

  14. Life will slip you by literally if you don’t pay attention. Get off your phones and get out and enjoy life, for in a blink of an eye, it will be gone.

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