Caption this – 4 July

Caption this - 4 July

Caption this - 4 July


Wisepick for the image will be published on 7 July

69 thoughts on “Caption this – 4 July”

  1. Broken and bruised…
    So often even used.
    Allowed myself to be ripped apart,
    Even my fragile heart.
    Please leave me alone,
    I’m shattered and not made of stone!

  2. I am no witch,
    But your heart I will stitch.
    I may not save you whole,
    For scars always leave a hole.
    You may be tainted but don’t give up on the goal.
    For love is the only thing that powers the soul…

  3. And then she encountered true love, the one with the healing power.
    This time she was healed and the heart was mend not broken.
    The power of love helped her evolve and all she could say was
    “It was all worth it”

  4. He’s falling in love with a broken woman and is putting her heart back together… He says ‘no more broken heart, I will heal you and love you like no other.’ ♥️♥️

  5. The mistress with the horn

    In parapharnalia of my miseries
    In shack of a shell, I live.
    To get my daily ends meet
    I choose to be with Death
    In the esse of my being.

    Dear Lucifer, to whom I pledge to pray
    Stitches my broken heart with amour & bliss
    I know, for life till death & beyond
    I have signed up to be Death’s mistress
    Cursed for ever by the Devil’s Kiss
    In a flask of a tragedy,
    In a sanctum of our sanctity
    Our love shall live
    For today, tomorrow, till eternity.

  6. The Photo depicts a male narcissist reprogramming a victim who they have destroyed. Notice also the female heart is missing and he is stitching the empty cavity to close it. Notice also his mouth is stitched closed, ( no communication) only mind games.
    She has a slight smile, as if the pleasure of a ripped out heart means she doesn’t have to feel again; until she does, when he leaves and she’s lost her heart.

  7. Helping you stitch your love back,
    With strands taken from my heart,
    The stitch is getting messy though,
    But not an activity that could be stopped,
    I will complete the task,
    If that’s the last thing I do,
    Nothing can give me the satisfaction,
    Of seeing your love in full bloom.

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