Caption this – 4 August

Caption this - 4 August

Caption this - 4 August

Wisepick for the image will be published on 7 August

78 thoughts on “Caption this – 4 August”

  1. Esse of a needle wraps a twiddled twee
    Twerking & turning my scanty sense
    In twilight of the bleeding breeze
    Within whose hole, woe brews & breathes.
    The wilt of wounds weave my wailing heart
    Welled in a wool of hope & scars.
    I yearn to breathe in sublime nudity
    But alas, all I do is knit my soul of tragedy.

  2. An unmatched woman has a stubborn heart…
    She has endured pain, overcome heartbreak and yet again… Allows herself to be led by love and hope!

  3. I trusted you, lowered my defences,
    Bared naked my heart and soul,
    When you chose to leave me,
    You pulled it right out, gave it to me.
    What do I do with it, the ragged heart?
    All I have with me is hope and nothing else,
    Will it help me mend my heart, I do not know,
    I am going to try, That’s all I can do.

  4. Be ready to stich, be ready to knit,
    Better to feed hopes than to quit.
    When heart is pumped with thread of hopes,
    Life tends to rise & never on slope..

  5. Hope is the only thing I need to keep going, to sew back my heart that has lost its threads. I don’t need material things, all i want is someone who accepts me and takes me with just me nothing else.

  6. Hope gave me the will to go on. No matter what happens no matter how dark my world gets there will always be a light to get me through that darkness.

  7. Stripped bare of emotions,
    Naked without any feelings,
    Mending the injured heart,
    Knitting it back with hope.
    Hoping against hope,
    Hope will bring her back,
    Heal her to normalcy,
    To look forward to a future…

  8. No matter how many times I fail,
    How many times I end up crying with a broken heart,
    I would again start,
    By mending my broken part,
    Winding and binding with hopes,
    It’s like a strong dope,
    Helping me heal and cope…

  9. You stripped me of love.
    You left me naked and alone.
    And after my grief ebbed
    I sat straight up and dignified
    And began to mend my tattered heart.
    Soon, I’ll be whole again.

  10. I know you are hurt,
    I know the past is heavy.
    But don’t you lose that hope.
    Strengthen your heart with that rope.
    Don’t you give up now.
    Don’t you give up on love…

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