Caption this – 26 July

Caption this - 26 July

Caption this - 26 July

Wisepick for the image will be published on 29 July

47 thoughts on “Caption this – 26 July”

  1. Love is result of innocence and truth,
    Ignorance results in fear ending with hate.
    Let one & all emotion free flow,
    Letting go hate & only love to show..

  2. The domino effect of negative emotions!
    Start with a negative one, ignites another, produces another, the end result is negative one, as well!

  3. Reducing the level of ignorance, reduces the level of hate, regardless of the flames of fear applied.
    Knowledge is key in reducing friction & reactivity.

  4. When ignorance at large,
    Is backed up by fear,
    We get hate,
    But we throw the blame at fate.
    Let’s feed our ignorance before it’s too late.
    For knowledge and wisdom, let’s open the gate…

  5. The mixture of ignorance,
    When fuelled by the heat of fear,
    Distills into a clear mix of pure hate,
    A mix that is too evil to handle,
    The world can’t take it anymore.
    Oh ye Ignorant masses of the world,
    Beware of fear mongers..

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