Caption this – 26 August

Caption this - 26 August


Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.

Wisepick for the image will be published on 29 August

69 thoughts on “Caption this – 26 August”

  1. Each toss is a lost and that lost might have a valuable cost. Making students to believe that getting a degree is what should be done, is like forcing them to throw away their independent thinking. It tricks their mind into thinking that “to pass” is more necessary than “to learn”.

  2. Mark the day you achieved the wit.
    Commemorate the moment you are ‘bitterly’ blithe.
    Convocation-the end or the beginning?
    A feel that you’ve attained something.
    Success has just nudged you dear,
    Get that along to acheive for whatever you care.

  3. With our brains in the air,
    Our thoughts should no longer dare,
    To be free and curious.
    If we question them, they would condemn us as rebels.
    If we ask for freedom, they would imprison us.
    And if we do something about it, they would caress our skin and get the crimson out of us as we fade in silence in their preposterous violence…

  4. Demising the imagination,
    Dawns the modern disguised Education.
    It stresses the information and inhibits our creativity.
    It conquers our mind and condems our curiosity.
    It grooms us for slavery but crowns us as witty.
    It prepares us for joining the rat race in the society,
    And fetters us in the illusion that we are free in the reality.
    Thus we join the society from the day of graduation,
    With no brains, which we threw out in the name of education…

  5. Success is not earned by wearing a toga. Success is earned when you feel like you dont have to achieve something to be successful. Sucess is the feeling of peace within you no matter what stage in life you are in.

  6. Celebrate, for you are now a graduate.
    Celebrate, for in your current state,
    You think you have achieved something great.
    Celebrate, for you have successfully demised your intelligence rate.
    Celebrate, for you have mugged up the knowledge like all your class mate.
    Celebrate, for you have joined the modern rat race.
    And pursue things like money till the end of your days.

    Whatever you have learnt is futile.
    Come, join the slavery and open your file.
    We won’t leave you free or let you think freely.
    But you have to do what you are told merrily.
    If you wake from this illusion,
    We will remove you from the equation.
    You will never see the reality,
    You will be a slave with a demised mind for all eternity.

    Welcome to society!

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